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Software for RF, Microwave Engineering and Computational Electromagnetics

Frustrated with tuning your EM design?

Try EM-based optimization that works!

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Universal 3D FEM solver. Areas of specialisation

  • Filters

    Cavity, planar, multilayer and many more! Cross-coupled filter optimization tools.

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  • Passive components

    Wide range of passive components such as feeding networks, couplers, circulators and many more.

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  • Antennas

    Design antennas and antenna arrays for different applications: mobile & personal communication, sensing, telecommunication networks, satellites, etc.

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  • Design Optimization

    Parameterize your geometry and tune/optimize your design

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Powerful. Advantages and characteristics

It's fast. Design takes less time.

Speed up your design process! Developed not only for efficient 3D simulation, but also as a full wave optimization tool. Advanced numerical techniques for higher order elements, fast frequency sweep, design tuning and optimization give fast and accurate results.

It's simple. Easy to get started.

Intuitive graphical user interface with advanced 3D modeling capabilities. Easy design parametrization with variables, equations and nested coordinate systems.

It's powerful. Check what you can do.

With InventSim you can simulate and design a wide range of high frequency components, like filters, couplers, feeding networks, interconnects or antennas, all made in various technologies: cavity, planar, multilayer, SIW, etc.

Affordable. Flexible pricing schemes

Network or stand-alone perpetual licenses. Software rental. Package discounts.
Discounts for small companies and individual professionals.
Huge discounts for non-profit organizations and universities.

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Windows 7/10 64bit compatible
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