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EM Invent sp. z o.o.

Gdansk Science and Technology Park
Trzy Lipy 3
80-172 Gdansk

Who are we?

EM Invent sp. z o. o. is a Polish spin-off company founded by researchers of Gdansk University of Technology in order to provide you the results of many years of top-class research on computational electromagnetics, CAD and optimization of passive high frequency circuits and microwave filter design. Our mission is to develop efficient software for microwave engineers that aims at fast CAD of complex structures.

Our projects:

"RF filters with Enhanced Electromagnetic Performance for Space Applications Exploiting Shape Optimization with Free-Form Deformation and Additive Manufacturing Techniques," Project founded by European Space Agency (ESA) under contract 4000128097/19/NL/CBi.

"EDISON: Electromagnetic design of flexible sensors," Project founded by Foundation for Polish Science, in consortium with Gdansk University of Technology.

Our Team

Adam Lamecki

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

  • Ph.D in 2006 / D.Sc in 2019
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Associate Professor at the Gdansk University of Technology
  • Contact:

Michał Mrozowski

Chief Executive Officer

  • MSc. in 1983 / PhD. in 1990
  • IEEE Fellow
  • Full professor at the Faculty of of Electronics, Telecommunications, Informatics, Gdansk University of Technology
  • Member of MTT-1 (Field Theory and Computational EM) and MTT-2 (Design Automation) Technical Committees
  • Main areas of interest: computational electromagnetics, flters, microwaves
  • Contact:

Patryk Rzęsiewicz

Application Engineer

  • BSc. 2017 / MSc. 2018
  • Contact:

Maciej Zielonka

Application Engineer

  • BSc. 2018 / MSc. 2019
  • Contact:

Mike Piatek

Commercial Director

  • Extensive international (Australia, Europe and Asia) GM and Sales & Marketing Management experience
  • Last 20 years HiTech Business consultant, fulfilling management roles in different telecom companies
  • Contact:

Sylwia Wielechowska

Administrative staff

  • Contact:


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