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Work redefined. Meet InventSim


  • Frequency domain solver based on 3D FEM
  • Design optimization with two types of optimizers
  • Analysis of lossless and lossy components including but not limited to ferromagnetic materials and bulk conductors
  • Antenna simulation with absorbing boundary conditions
  • Modern intuitive graphical user interface
  • Integrated COM server for application interoperability & scripting


  • Unstructured tetrahedral elements for complex shape modeling
  • Automated mesh generation
  • Non-uniform, locally refined, adaptive meshes
  • Second order curvilinear elements for accurate modeling of curved geometries
  • New: Mesh deformation for design optimization


  • 3D rendered view of structure, mesh, fields and radiation patterns
  • Customizable interface with docking windows supporting multi-display environment
  • User-defined keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys
  • Versatile charting system with many plot types

Special features

  • Coupling matrix synthesis tool for coupled resonator bandpass filters


  • Construction of complex structures using constructive solid geometry (CSG) approach
  • Easy design parametrization using variables and equations
  • Multilevel relative coordinate systems
  • Cloning for easy constructions of array of objects
  • Complex modeling features like tapered extrusions, ruled surfaces, solids of revolution and others
  • Import/export capability for exchanging geometry data with other applications


  • Higher order basis functions for accurate approximation of electromagnetic fields
  • Selection of solution method: direct or iterative solver with efficient multilevel preconditioner,
  • Fast frequency sweep also for lossy media
  • Fast computation of design sensitivities
  • Arbitrary shaped ports with TEM, TE/TM, quasi-TEM / hybrid modes (microstrip, CPW, etc.) and lumped ports
  • Multimodal ports
  • Handles both lossy dielectric and conductor materials
  • Near-To-Far field transformation for radiation pattern evaluation

Optimization and tuning

  • Two general-purpose gradient optimizers to choose from
  • Special optimizer for filters with remarkable convergence
  • Short optimization time
  • Procedures for real-time manual tuning

Stop guessing! Start optimizing.

Only 12 iterations

Dedicated tools for optimization of generalized Chebyshev coupled-resonator filters.

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Universal 3D FEM solver. Areas of specialisation

  • Filters

    Cavity, planar, multilayer and many more! Cross-coupled filter optimization tools.

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  • Passive components

    Wide range of passive components such as feeding networks, couplers, circulators and many more.

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  • Antennas

    Design antennas and antenna arrays for different applications: mobile & personal communication, sensing, telecommunication networks, satellites, etc.

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  • Design Optimization

    Parameterize your geometry and tune/optimize your design

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