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Short Course on Electromagnetic Modelling

Event date: 22.10.2020

The aim of the Short Course on electromagnetic modelling is to cover fundamental and practical issues of computer modelling with different numerical methods. The Short Course will present to its attendees an overview of modelling techniques. The focus will be given to two most popular discrete numerical methods: Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) and Finite Element Method (FEM), addressing fundamentals, advantages, and basic causes of errors. The theoretical lectures will be supported with hands-on sessions, delivering practical experience with two different electromagnetic solvers, QuickWave and InventSim, based on FDTD and FEM methods. Practical sessions will be focused on filters and antennas (including ultra-fast analysis of Body of Revolution problems, e.g. dual reflector antennas) design and analysis, with highlights concerned with other devices. The attendees will work with the solvers, preparing predefined simulation scenarios, running the simulation, exploring basic and advanced solvers’ capabilities, and interpreting simulation results. The Short Course will be summarised with successful practical and industrial user cases on application of electromagnetic modelling, dedicated to variety of research areas, starting from bio-medical research, through cosmic application, to effective filters’ optimisation and tuning.

Attendees of the Short Course will have a chance to further discuss different aspects of electromagnetic modelling with the presenters, who will be available throughout the conference.

If you are interested in participating the Short Course on Electromagnetic Modelling virtual event, please send your participation request to Short Course organisers, to Marzena Olszewska-Placha at The registration is available until October 7th.

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