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Universal Electromagnetic Field Solver for RF, Microwave/THz Simulations

Aimed for Efficient Design and Optimization!

InventSim is an integrated software framework for efficient electromagnetic simulation and optimization of user-defined 3D structures. It helps in the design of modern high-frequency, microwave, millimeter wave, and sub-THz components that use the physical effects of the propagation of electromagnetic waves and require extensive and time-consuming computer simulations of electromagnetic fields propagating in complex structures.

The computational engine of InventSim is based on the finite element method (FEM), as the versatile and accurate numerical technique for solving complex problems in the frequency domain, and employs state-of-the-art algorithms that drastically reduce the time of the simulation. At the center of the framework is a multithreaded solver based on higher-order curvilinear tetrahedral elements to maximize the accuracy of the modeling of curved surfaces.

InventSim comes with an easy and intuitive GUI for drawing 3D models of complex real-life devices via a constructive solid geometry approach (CSG) and setting up the simulator options. The software is extensible and can be controlled from other applications (like Matlab) using the COM server API. To maximize performance, the framework is targeted to multicore CPU architectures and makes use of Intel Math Kernel Libraries (MKL).

By offering a platform that combines affordability and robust capabilities, InventSim empowers users to offload various tasks to a highly efficient yet economical tool. This solver seeks to democratize microwave component design by bridging the gap between affordability and performance, making advanced simulations and designs more accessible to a wider range of users.

General overview of InventSim electromagnetic field simulator:


Design optimization

Easily parameterize your geometry and tune/optimize your design!


Design antennas and antenna arrays for different applications: mobile & personal communication, sensing, telecommunication networks, satellites, etc.

Passive components

Simulation of wide range of passive components such as feeding networks, couplers, ferrite-based circulators and many more.


Design of cavity, planar, multilayer and many more filter types! Dedicated cross-coupled filter optimization tools.

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