Filter optimizer

One of the notable features of InventSim is its built-in software component designed for optimizing RF/microwave coupled resonator filters. This module empowers users to effortlessly define the desired filter prototype response through fundamental filter specifications, including passband, insertion loss levels, and transmission zero positions (including complex ones). Subsequently, the optimizer takes control over the design process, operating in a fully automated fashion. The optimization employs algorithms centered around a zero-pole cost function, typically demonstrating swift convergence during the optimization of filtering structures. Throughout this process, response sensitivities are calculated using mesh perturbation analysis algorithms integrated into our geometry kernel. The module serves as an ideal solution for designing generalized Chebyshev response filters, showcasing a level of performance that is unmatched by alternative software tools.

More information about this feature can be found on video:

Furthermore, this versatile tool can also be employed for synthesizing coupling matrices aligned with a specified lowpass filter prototype response.

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