General Features

Basic functionalities of the InventSim software:

  • Frequency domain solver based on the finite element method in 3D
  • State of the art implementation including advanced fast frequency sweep methods
  • Multithreaded solver based on optimized Intel MKL libraries
  • Analysis of lossless and lossy components (both metallic and dielectric losses)
  • Simulation of components in various technologies: waveguide, planar, SIW..
  • Antenna analysis with absorbing (radiation) boundary condition
  • Evaluation of antenna parameters: efficiency, gain, etc.
  • Handling ferromagnetic materials (Ploder tensor) and bulk conductors (penetrable with EM fields)
  • Modern and intuitive graphical user interface with fast learning curve
  • Design parameterization with variables and equations
  • Design optimization with employing advanced mesh perturbation scheme for fast evaluation of design sensitivities
  • Dedicated optimization module for filters with Generalized Chebyshev response
  • Coupling matrix synthesis module
  • Integrated COM server for application interoperability & scripting

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in specific functionalities or require more information about the software features. Explore our examples to see the potential applications achievable with InventSim software.

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